Friday, April 11, 2014

The Crossroads

   Article:The Crossroads of Should and Must

     The crossroads between should and must. We travel a path and here comes along a decision(the crossroad, the fork in the road), there are two roads and one of them is what you should do and the other is what you must do. Each leads to a different road, and ultimately, a different outcome. A 'must' is an unavoidable requirement. A 'should' is more like a desirable goal. I need I've been treating it is like a two-way street, and I have been constantly making U-turns. 
     So my perspective really differentiates from the author's view. I see decisions as being able to be a back-and-forth matter with should and must. The way in which the author, Elle Luna, sees it is as a stop in the road and two one-way paths leading to opposite directions. As I stated in the paragraph prior to this one, the way you base your decisions is constantly different. 
     Though our point-of-view on decisions are different, I highly agree with Luna and her aspect on choosing 'must'. I feel as if must will lead us to our full potential and to what we require. The risk intensifies with must but the rewards are greater as well.  

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