Tuesday, October 1, 2013

To Be Or Not To Be

In the play, Hamlet knows that he has to be something.. or not.
His decisions were to either die and not be king, or kill and be the king.
Hamlet's uncle murdered Hamlet's father to take the throne and now, Hamlet was willing to kill his uncle to take back the throne.
At this time, Hamlet seems to be in a melancholy state. Suicide is in the question. Events prior to the soliloquy have not been so well for Hamlet.
Hamlet talks about dying and then dreaming after. To dream after death. He also asks what really is to come after death. This leads to him talking about the unknown; to be wary of the unknown.

It's a thought. Suicide would end the suffering. Although, if there isn't an afterlife, one would obviously be ending more than just the suffering. To end it like that, would be the weaker path.
Facing the conflict shows fortitude. It shows inner strength and what one is truly made of.
The way I see it, suicide is not the answer.
To be.

Vocabulary 7

Cursory- to go rapidly over something
ex. I studied in a cursory manner before the test.

Impetus- impulse; a moving force
ex. The waves impetus crashed on the beach hard.

Pinnacle- the peak
ex. When celebrities reach their pinnacles, they have nowhere else to go but down.

Contumely- humiliating insult
ex. The rap battle had contumely verses.

Calamity- a great misfortune
ex. The tsunami that hit Japan a couple years back was a calamity. 

Consummation- to complete 
ex. This homework assignment is consummated. 

Bereavement- a period of mourning after a loss
ex. The widow was in bereavement after her husband passed away.

Cache- a hiding place for supplies
ex. I have a cache of food in my locker.

Avarice- greed for riches
ex. Mr. Krabs is avarice.

Fortify- to protect or strengthen against attack
ex. The army fortified their barracks before the attack

Erratic- wandering; with no objective
ex.The erratic man had no motives.

Ubiquitous- existing or being everywhere
ex. The morning fog was ubiquitous in the city.

Fortitude- mental and emotional strength
ex. The man's fortitude stayed strong during his illness.

Nonchalant- casual
ex. Nobody expected the robber due to his nonchalant behavior in the bank.

Affect- to act on
ex. The cold weather affected the crops.

Effect- result; consequence 
ex. The crops were effected in a bad way.

Misappropriate- to put to a wrong use
ex. The pickaxe was used in a misappropriate manner to dig.

Pragmatic- dealing with things sensibly
ex. The court case was pragmatic.

Metacognition- thinking that enables understanding, analysis, and control
ex. The student's metacognition comes from his learning techniques which help him understand the subject.

Devoutly- religious
ex. The devoutly couple attend church every Sunday.