Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Life After...

Life After High School

     I have certain expectations for what could happen after I graduate. I'll have an increase in independence. I also plan on attending college and having a job on the side. I don't really know what exactly to look forward to though. I will gain more responsibilities but I'll still be young, especially in my case because I'm younger than most students in my grade(my birthday is 12-1-96). 
     It is what comes after college that leaves me oblivious to the future. My life will definitely be different, that's for sure. I won't be coming to school and seeing familiar faces everyday and that's something that bothers me but I'll get over it with due time.

I, Senior Project/First Draft

We were given 3 questions to ask ourselves:
 What are we passionate about?
• How can I use familiar tools to assist me this semester?
• What would I have to do to honor my interests in such a way that come June, I have no regrets about what I could've or should've done?

   I'm passionate about music, to be specific, rap/hip-hop. I'd like to focus on the literature in music, as well as the meanings and messages in certain songs.
   Not every rap song is about pussy, money, & weed. There are songs with truly profound lyrics and it'd be great for people to get more than just the beat from a song. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Visual Storytelling

Visual storytelling such as movies, pictures, scenes, etc. can be effective.

1. We are given a visual representation and receive a better idea about what we are supposed to understand.
2. With movies and videos, there is typically audio that comes with it. The sounds that are being focused in to the video really sets what kind of mood that the producer is going for.
Leitmotif- a theme associated throughout a music drama with a particular person, situation, or idea.
^^  Examples of Leitmotif  ^^

3. With whatever the mood is, a lot of us find visual storytelling appealing. It easily gains our attention and if the story is good enough, we'll stay interested.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Profile In Courage

Courage, to overcome fear. Accept your weakness and strengthen it. Know your fear and surpass it.

  • No matter what your condition consists of, you must assuage your weakness and transcend the expectations others set on you.
  • Constantly setting limitations on your capabilities will fool your mind. It will believe it can't do what you would be able to do.. if you set your mind on it.  

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Spring Vocabulary 2

accoutrement- personal clothing
ex. I keep my accoutrements in my closet.

apogee- the highest or most distant point; climax
ex. The orbiting satellite is at it's apogee when it is furthest from the earth.

apropos- the right moment, appropriate; opportune
ex. The man waited for an apropos time to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

bicker- to engage in pointless arguments
ex. The two siblings were always bickering about the silliest things.

 coalesce- to unite or come together
ex. The small community coalesced to solve the town's financial issues.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Vocab 1 Performance Review

On today's vocabulary quiz, I earned a perfect score. What did I do? I studied over the weekend and right before the quiz. I also used a few of the words with a friend who is taking the same class.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Spring Vocabulary 1

adumbrate- to foreshadow; to produce a faint image 
Ex. The chef got a head count to adumbrate how many steaks he will have to cook.

apotheosis- the ideal example; climax
Ex. The student sees his master's skill as an apotheosis of martial arts.

ascetic- the practice of self discipline, typically for religious reasons
Ex. The young man's ascetic life involves him fasting for quite a while.

bauble- a showy ornament; trinket
Ex. The Christmas tree was decorated with baubles and ornaments.

beguile- to charm, sometimes in a deceptive way
Ex. The woman beguiled the man into buying her a drink.

burgeon- to grow or develop quickly
Ex. The student's skill burgeoned and he became quite talented.

complement- something that completes or makes perfect
Ex. The engagement ring complemented the man's proposal.

contumacious- stubbornly perverse or rebellious
Ex. The trouble maker was contumacious.

curmudgeon- a difficult, bad-tempered person
Ex. The cranky old man is curmudgeon

didactic- intended for instruction
Ex. The inspirational speaker is didactic with teaching good morals.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Choice

1. What is the 'choice' referred to in the title? 
- I believe 'the choice' referred to in the title is the choice of taking the temozolomide. It actually isn't a choice for the daughter because she needs to take it in order to push through. Either her parents will have to force her to take the 'poison' or Rebecca will take it herself willingly.

2. Is it a real choice? Why/why not? What is the alternative?
-There is no choice because the medicine is mandatory for her. She will consume it one way or another. 

3. Why does the author use the word poison in the first line?
- In reality, the temozolomide actually is poisoning. It is killing more than just Rebecca's cancer cells.

4. The author's daughter wants to play with a toy that is intended for older kids. Why? Do you agree with her?
- Rebecca simply wants to live her life in the moment because she understands her current circumstances. She believes she will not make it to the age of 8. It seems as if she wants to do all the fun things possible because of the thought of the future. I agree that she should be able to play with the toy.

5. If you thought you might not live to the age of 30 what would you want to do right now?
- Honestly, I don't know.

6. Under what circumstances does it make sense to endure discomfort--or even force it on a loved one-- in service to a greater/more important cause?
- As long as optimism is kept alive and the belief that the feel of comfort will soon show up to the one enduring pain. Especially if that individual is receiving aid from the discomfort.

7. Is suffering a necessary condition of life and love?
- Even though many deal with suffering in different ways, it is necessary. 
In a metaphorical sense, one will notice the true shine of the sun after the storm ends while others have been dancing in the rain.
This condition has different affects on everyone.

8. Most readers don't share the author's circumstances, but we feel an emotional response to his words. Why?
- Though we might not share the exact situation in which Eric Meyer is in, many of us have been through similar/relatable situations. So we don't truly feel for him but we have an idea of his struggle mainly because all of us have gone through hard times.